Sunday, September 11, 2011

Preview of things to come...

I know I have been seriously remiss in updating both this blog and the web site But I also have faith everything happens in perfect timing.

Did Mother Shipton (or someone forging prophecies on her behalf) predict comets or other near-Earth objects? How about earthquakes, solar flares, tsunamis and nuclear emergencies?

Could it be Mother Shipton foresaw enlightened children of the New Earth (often called Indigo, Crystal or Rainbow children)? And what was the "silver serpent" spoken of carrying an enlightened race of otherworldly visitors?

Did some of these prophecies originate from Australia, where descendants of Mother Shipton are said to have migrated? Or did they originate from a U.S. Christian group in the 1930's, as at least one historian says?

Going back in time, why was Mother Shipton revered for many years in England? Is there proof she accurately predicted the Fire of London and the Siege of York? What about other historical events?

All this and more coming soon!

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